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Iratkozzon fel hírlevelünkre, és mi rendszeresen tájékoztatjuk Önt legfrissebb aktualitásainkról, akcióinkról.
Postcards from Venice
Fogyasztói ár: 18 000 Ft
Bruttó ár: 13 000 Ft
Szerző: Tóth József és Kenéz Kíra 
Kiadó: LPI Kft. 
Kategória: Útikönyvek 
Témakör: Venice 
Kiadás éve: 2013 
ISBN: 9789630871389 
Nyelv: English 
“The queen of the Adria has already taken you onto her lap, rocking you, but does not let you go, you are driven by your curiosity and some unexplainable power, a place where you always return, a feeling you quest for all the time. You have to find the secret of the mascaraed, the origin of the festive joy characterizing the city all the time, as it is always ready for new, for change... like the people at the carnival, Venice puts on a new face again and again, hides and reveals itself, and once you think you have found it, in another color of the cavalcade further centuries and memories appear… which are now your memories, too.” (Kíra Kenéz)Photograpy is a very powerful resource to express emotions the photographer experienced and a fine possibility to awake feelings in the audience and to create a relation between imagination and reality. Let yourself be fascinated by the exciting, magical city of Venice. 120 brilliant shots, made by two great photographers József Tóth and his love, Kíra Kenéz, are dedicated to showing you a piece of Venice, you would never see on your own. This large-volume and high-quality photo collection guides you through wonderful places of the town.An amazing and multi-faceted art-publication about the ever great and magical town Venice in all seasons from wondrous perspectives and ideas for Venice fans and for all the enquirers, who are about to indulge in the dream-like town of canals through these stunning photos.
Az első 12 hónap titkai
Fogyasztói ár: 2 950 Ft
Bruttó ár: 2 500 Ft
Meditáció a mindennapokban
Fogyasztói ár: 1 990 Ft
Bruttó ár: 1 750 Ft
Várandósok könyve + Babavárásom naplója
Fogyasztói ár: 5 800 Ft
Bruttó ár: 4 060 Ft
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Postcards from Venice
Fogyasztói ár: 18 000 Ft
Bruttó ár: 13 000 Ft
Meditáció a mindennapokban
Fogyasztói ár: 1 990 Ft
Bruttó ár: 1 750 Ft
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